Niagara Falls

Yesterday I arrived in Buffalo after an 11 hour bus ride. The journey was awful. Don’t get me wrong I was comfy with 2 seats and enjoyed the ride I just hated the guy across from me who talked in a different language on his cellphone from 8pm to 3am. At the time I realized why I like flying so much, NO PHONES. My last bus ride will be the 2 hours from Boston to New York. After this, I will just fly places in future.

When I arrived in Buffalo finally, the place was a mess. I headed to the area of Niagara Falls, which honestly doesn’t get much better.. I don’t understand how the country can let such a hugely popular tourist area get so run down. Almost everything is closed down and battered. It looks like a broken home like the place was abandoned and yet every person I pass says hello to me in the street. They really need some government maintenance money.

When I was walking along to my hostel I heard my name called. It turned out to be the hostel manager who had seen me walking along and presumed I was staying there. She was right though, I was allowed to check in early and my bed was ready within the hour. I got refreshed but chose not to sleep so I could get out there and get an early night instead.

I headed to Walgreens first and stocked up on necessities. Next stop would be Niagara Falls state park.

On my way down there I walked past the aquarium where they had seals on display outside. I said hello and decided I would come back the next day since it comes free with the Niagara explorer pass.

On my way to the falls I walked past the rainbow bridge in which you can officially cross over to Canada. It was at that point I decided I really wanna go over there. So when I got to the visitor centre they let me call the border crossing. The official on the phone told me, after hearing my situation, that I should be fine re-entering. So I decided- I will enter Canada… Tomorrow.

Next stop the falls – it was beautiful. All those people that told me the New York side is rubbish, I really don’t know where they get this nonsense from. I think it’s jealousy. I’ve found that whilst travelling, when I mention where I’m going there is always someone who tries to put me off something. I was told there was nothing to do on the New York side but its actually the most natural side that isn’t surrounded by tacky tourist ploys.

I was even told that Yosemite wasn’t worth seeing before I went but that view turned out to be more awe inspiring than the Grand Canyon actually.

But anyway, I wandered around a little and noted down the things I’d like to return and get done in the next few days. I want to do the maid of mist tour and go underneath the falls to feel the force.

I slept as soon as I got in at around 8pm right until half 7 this morning, must have been exhausted.

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