Washington DC – Day 4

On my final day in DC I knew I only had until 6pm before I would have to catch the night bus to Buffalo. So I wanted to do all the things that had caught my eye so far.

I started with a visit to Ford’s theatre. This is where Lincoln was assassinated. The theatre is now a museum and shows the events that happened that day. It was pretty sad to see. I then went over the road to enter the house he passed away in. There was a giant book tower (pictured above). It said that there are more books about Lincoln than anyone and that they will continue to be written.

After this I headed over to the archives to view the constitution, bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence. It’s funny how they guard these all day and night.. So important. I actually ended up going into the gift store and finding some great things in there. I love globes and atlases and there was a bunch of travel items so I ended up getting a new passport cover and luggage tags. Check out the store if you ever go.

Next I walked over to the U.S Capitol where it was just the perfect weather for photographs. I wanted to visit the US botanical garden and I’m so glad I did since it was so pretty.

I had a really nice time in Washington DC but I still feel like there’s tons for me to go back and see. I want to visit the Newseum, air and space museum and a load of memorials nearby Lincoln, I could easily spend another week there. Perhaps one day I’ll end up there again?

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