Washington DC – Day 3

I had an old town trolley tour booked and decided that Sunday might be the best day for it. The weather was nice and I had my white face ready to turn red.

When I got up there was a lonely Brit in my room who asked me to breakfast. It was her first ever night in a hostel and the very start of her trip around the world. We got on really well and she actually turned out to be from Birmingham lol. Because I had this trolley to take, I arranged to meet her back in the hostel at 7pm where we’d wander down and see Lincoln at night.

So I took off to catch the 10am trolley. It was a 2 hour loop around Washington DC and you’re supposed to jump off whenever you like. I was feeling lazy and I liked the tour guide so I actually just stayed on it and rode the whole way round! After hearing all about the city I got off at the newseum. I was ready to head down to the archives but ended up distracted by the 1000s of people that lined the streets.. Fiesta!

It was amazing. 100s of people wandered around in colorful outfits all to take part in the parade of culture. (Pictured above) I’m so glad to have seen this, it was a lot of fun! I also got really sunburnt and headed for some shelter.

I decided to visit the old post office. Since the Washington monument is closed from the earthquake, I was going to get my best views by going up this tower. I’d also be able to see some of the parade from above.

It was a very tiring day but I ended up taking the trolley again to pass through Georgetown and see the cathedral and then a third time to hear a different tour guides facts. He recommended the newseum as I majored in journalism but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to check it out.

After a rather long day I still wanted to meet up with Grace and see Lincoln since I’d only seen the outside on the trolley. I also heard it looks nicer at night.

Our first stop was Nando’s. Only in Washington DC and yummy, but still not as good as the UK version. It came very close though.

We then trekked all the way down to Lincoln but it was worth the walk. Barely any tourists there and the memorial was incredible. Such fine detail and the greatest statue I’ve ever seen. The Washington monument also looked real pretty in the dark too.

It was a great day in Washington DC and actually made me sad to be leaving so soon.

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