My summer in Wisconsin

Photo 1- This is where I’ve spent my entire summer working and I’ve loved it.
Photo 2 – Julie’s, right by the entrance to the bike trail I constantly ride, is where I got my second job. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed working here.
Couldn’t ask for a better summer πŸ™‚

Photo 3- Malibu Moo’s is where I’d get the greatest frozen custard (just like ice cream). You’d choose a flavor for them to add to it and then whatever you want adding to that. I’d always get Oreos and marshmallows!

Photo 4- Fish Creek beach, 5 mins from my home and workplace. I’d go here to soak up the sun and read some James Patterson!

Photo 5- Bayside Tavern, my local! Good times had by all.

Photo 6- The beautiful entrance to my cottage where I lived all summer.

Photo 7- Stillwaters, my only answer to fast food whilst in DC. The greatest burgers I’ve ever had and best cheese curds in Wisconsin!

Photo 8- If you’ve never seen a bank out in the country before.. This is what mine looks like. I’d go here every week on payday πŸ™‚

Photo 9- The park I’d sit on everyday during my lunch break, right opposite the market.

Photo 10- The ‘shopping mall’ not your modern day shops but I loved them. Super crafty and full of unique things you wouldn’t find in the city.

I don’t think I will ever get this place out of my head and so because of that, I’m sure that one day I will return to Door County.

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