Actually worried for myself right now.

So recently my roommate has been having people round like every night and drinking with them outside the cabin.

We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood surrounded by cottages owned by our landlord and also two properties owned by our landlord. So having a loud party is very risky.

Tonight I was sat in my room watching tv on my iPad cos I’m not feeling it. I left my room for literally 5 minutes to make my food.

Chose the worst 5 minutes.. As of course my landlord is stood there and I hear him say we need to be quiet and if he hears a single complaint then he’ll in his words.. ‘Kick our asses out’. He probably saw me stood there as well.

So I’m incredibly worried that I’m gunna get kicked out. I’ve done absolutely nothing at all. But I can’t control the parties that have nothing to do with me..

To top it off. As soon as he left, more people have come round and the music is back on. No respect?

Not to mention, it’s kinda a drag for me to listen to the door slam every night.

And just worth a mention, if I get kicked out of my accommodation then I have to return to England. Because I know full well that there is no more accommodation here in Fish Creek and I won’t have any time to find a new place to live. I will be literally screwed and have no way of staying here.

So that’s just great isn’t it. Also I’m writing this in the hope that if the inevitable does happen, then it’ll be proof that at 11pm I was infact sober, sat in my room and blogging rather than causing chaos outside.. Might be sad but honestly I’d rather work like crazy all summer, earn some money and party when I’m travelling than risk my entire summer to sit on the grass outside and drink.

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