Just finished my first all day shift. It was actually 8am to 10pm..an hour more than I was expecting. I coped fine tho. I’m actually still wide awake but happy I get a little lie in tomorrow.

I’m not allowed to accept tips in the 1st week but after then il hopefully make some good travel money πŸ™‚

Whilst it seems like I’m gunna spend the summer working hard, I feel like I’m still making the most of this experience. I’ve been so many places already on my days off but now I just don’t spend the nights watching tv, I earn money instead!

So when I get back to England and I’m home for 2 minutes before I’m wandering off around the world again. Don’t be one of those people that gives me the really jealous look and goes ‘it’s not fair, you’re always going somewhere!?..’ Well there is a reason I get to go these places…

I work really hard! And, I actually save my money. I don’t spend it on clothes, alcohol and expensive things I just look for cheap travel deals then book them! So that’s how it’s done πŸ™‚ and it’s super fun!

Working 9-5 like the song says, doesn’t really get you far anymore lol but I have lots to look forward to before the year ends πŸ™‚

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