It’s too hot! I shouldn’t complain but being in the 90s is one thing but the humidity is actually killing me, worse than Florida!

But anyway, this week has been fun.

Today I went to a cafe for a job interview. I went around Fish Creek with my friend the other day to look for extra work and they contacted me after I left my name and email. It seems really common for people here to have 2 to 3 jobs and work 60 to 120 hours per week. So I’m gunna bump mine up to 60 to make some extra bucks for my travels.

Also, yesterday i went shopping and spent way too much money so I need to make all that back! I got 3 leather purses and a handbag though and I really like the. Bout time I treated myself anyway!

Last night I went out for Pamela’s birthday and it turned into a cabin party at our place afterwards. It was so much fun! We ended the night bike riding at 4am and laying in the grass looking at the stars cos they’re so clear here. I can’t believe how people dance in the pub, it’s like there in a ball room, music video, strip club or American house party from the movies. It’s so strange!

Before going out I went biking around the park again. Recently I’ve been cutting the trail short halfway in to 5 miles instead of 9. Mostly because it starts getting dark and it’s dangerous.. The bears might get me lol. Also because the Mosquitos and bugs drive me crazy. But tomorrow I wanna do the trail during the day and do the whole thing again cos it was amazing last time. Last night I saw 3 deer in the woods as I was biking but I didn’t have my camera with me. They were just staring at me lol. I also stopped at the beach and it stank of fish. I was like ergh..looked down and there were dead fish all over the beach! Lol what!

Tonight I’m going to try out segways for the first time and fly some kites aswell lol should be an experience!

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