All ready to travel.

When the storm hit yesterday on my day off I felt it made sense to stay inside and get something productive done.

I finally got round to booking all my hostels and buses for the next travel portion of my gap year. After I finish work in September and before I fly home from New York I’m going to travel like I did before I started.

Because of how good it was last time, I’m so excited! I’m not doing 3 weeks like last time but I am doing a good amount of time to do a lot 😀

So to start me off I’ll be returning to Chicago- one of the greatest cities I’ve ever been to. Then I will go from there straight to Philadelphia for my first leg of the journey.

From Philadelphia I head to Washington D.C, which I cannot wait for! It’s at the top of my list at the moment but I’ll see how it measures up to everything else when I get there.

I then continue to Buffalo where I catch the bus to Niagra Falls on the Ontario side. This is another part of the trip I can’t wait for alongside Toronto. I then head to French Canada for Montreal, Quebec City and the falls. Let’s see how well I can remember my French..

Finally, I end the trip in Boston for a tea party 😉 and bike ride around the city. After this I’ll head back to New York for the 3rd time now and do the only things i haven’t had chance to do yet.. Visit lady liberty, see the Bronx and go on a pub crawl in Manhattan.

I’m so excited about this but at the same time I’m not wishing the time away because being here in Door County is the most relaxing and satisfying thing I could ever have the pleasure of doing. I love this place, it’s a stress buster and biking through the state park might be one of the greatest pastimes ever.

I’m so pleased I came here and not my original job because I definitely am a country girl. Today I even saw Bambi walk past as I was cycling along the highway, it was great 😛

I’ve now been out here over 7 weeks.
In less than 10 weeks I’ll be travelling around again.
And in 12 weeks I’ll be on my plane home!

Time flies when you’re having fun unfortunately.

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