The advantage of knowing more than one language.

Early this year I began learning Japanese. I really enjoyed it and as it was free i couldn’t refuse the chance to learn a different language. I was planning on continuing the course in October and paying for weekly classes.

Recently, I have been thinking about switching to a different language. I have seen how often my roommate and people around me will talk in Spanish. Often I think of how useful it would be for me to know how to speak it. Not only that, Spain is a pretty common destination for me and my family and it is most likely that somebody in my life will end up moving there at some point.

So I’m not sure whether to start learning Spanish instead. I know it will be hard and I’ll be starting from scratch but if I don’t enjoy it like Japanese then it’ll be even harder to continue.

The annoying thing is, my university have decided not to teach languages anymore and so the course I was originally going to do has now increased massively in price. I can’t teach myself Japanese and I really liked the tutor so I guess whatever I choose to do I’ll be starting a brand new course. So perhaps I should take Spanish?

I guess the question is, Is it wise to learn a language you enjoy learning or is it wiser to learn a language that will be of most use to you in the future?

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