The advantage of knowing more than one language (continued)

Sorry I didn’t actually explain the point of that last post.

Today I got my degree results and i’m graduating with a 2:1. I’ve known since last December because of my previous results but still now at least it’s official..

Well this means I can actually apply for some of the graduate schemes I want to do. But, it turns out a lot of them have gotten really strict and they actually look at your college A Levels. Because I didn’t try in college, I really didn’t do well. This stops me from applying for many things now unfortunately. It’s rubbish because things are so competitive now.

So, knowing a second language is one of the most useful things you can have to offer. One of the graduate schemes I want to apply for actually requires that you speak another language fluently. I’m never going to be fluent, but providing I’m actively learning another language then I can apply for a few of the schemes I want to.

So that is the reason why.. I’m not just trying to do everything humanly possible, I’m just trying to make myself more employable in the field I’d like to work in 🙂

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