It’s 82 outside but I’m so tired that I’m going to nap on the sofa instead of making the most of the sunshine.. I guess i’ve still got the majority of summer left to enjoy it though πŸ™‚

Lately I have been getting really bad sleep. I don’t know why but I’m waking up in the middle of the night and feeling exhausted at work. I hope it goes away cos it’s rubbish. But I have been really busy this week so maybe that’s why I’m so tired..

On my days off I decided to cycle around the park again on Tuesday. I like doing the trail cos its so peaceful and I love cycling. I came back along the roads so I could watch the sunset. The next day I cycled to Egg Harbour where they were celebrating Independence Day early. Here I watched a band called Big Mouth. They were kind of jazzy but I liked it. I just chilled on the grass eating puff corn and sunbathing before watching the fireworks over the harbor. I didn’t realize how dark it would be and dangerous cycling the 6 miles home along the highway so I won’t be going so far at night again. Luckily I made a friend at the harbor. She gave me a lift in her campervan home. She was a really interesting woman who cycled around all of the United States when she was 20. We got to talking because there was a spider on my head…lucky I suppose?

Yesterday was July 4th and so obviously massive celebrations were had! I was working until 4pm but at 7pm I got picked up to be taken to an international student event. I got all signed up to do it every 2 weeks, it’s great.. A different event every time and its always free! So last night was a free BBQ followed by fireworks and then s’mores around the bonfire πŸ™‚ it was great but s’mores really taste like sick…ergh.

Another thing is that I’ve been adopted. We all have the choice to be adopted for the summer by an American family if we want to. So I have an American mom whilst I’m over here. She takes me to events and invites me to her home for dinner and things πŸ™‚ quite funny but she’s really nice and I went to the event last night with her. She says she’s gunna take me to her neighbors house at some point where I can try horse (also, on my way home last night I saw 3 raccoons crossing the road, they were so cute but nearly got run over :()

So this week I’ve seen some amazing firework displays. I think they could come close to being as good as the ones at Walt Disney World if they only just had some music with them.

Also, I can’t remember what day it was but I decided to go for a stroll through the woods. It was getting dark and I was looking down at my phone to choose what music to listen to.. Anyway I looked up and screamed my head off because there was a deer right in front of my face. It scared me but luckily I scared it too and it ran off lol

Today I’m just chilling in front of the tv until I head back to work at 4. Tomorrow will be super busy because we celebrate Independence Day in Fish Creek then, I’m working all day but will watch the fireworks later on πŸ™‚ Should be great.

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