I never thought I would find somewhere as nice as my hometown of Ilkley. But now i’ve found myself living somewhere that is perhaps even more beautiful.

Fish Creek is a hidden gem in the United States and I think if my gran had of visited a place like this she might not find herself hating the country so much. It’s not like the overrated tourist spots or the bright light big cities. Fish Creek is a small place with big beauty.

As I type this i’m watching the sunset whilst sitting on a rock in Sunset Beach. Conveniently named as its a popular spot for watching the sun go down behind the lake. It really is a nice sight and it’s so quiet here because Fish Creek isn’t full of idiots, chavs or people getting wasted on the park benches like you’d find in England. It’s full of families, couples and those who have retired here or opened up their own businesses. I have never felt more safe or been in so much peace.

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