Exploring Door County on my first day off

Today I decided i’d get my bike out and set off for Egg harbor: 8 miles away. I thought it’d give me something to do and a guy came into my store yesterday saying that anyone who works in Fish Creek can zipline for free at a place in Egg Harbor. (So I thought i’d try fit this in aswell)

I was a bit nervous about cycling to Egg Harbor because Google Maps said it might be dangerous with no cycle paths.. It’s always hard to tell how up to date Google maps actually is though. So after visiting the bank to get some money out I thought i’d ask the lady. She told me i’d have to cycle along the highway and there aren’t often bikes on there.. She said there’d be trucks passing me a lot aswell and that it’s be busy.

This got me super worried and what I should have remembered is what I learnt from experience a few years ago. Whatever American’s tell you…It’s ALWAYS exaggerated. So when they say it’s a long walk, it’s probably about 15 minutes. Which is NOT long for an English person. So I set off anyway. I knew it’d be 3 miles along a bike path through the woods and then 5.2miles on the highway.

I was stupid to be worried. I imagined riding along what would be like an English motorway.. It wasn’t like this at all. In fact i’ll post a photo of it up next. I cycled along the hard shoulder the whole time and there was barely any cars, it was a breeze.

When I got to Egg Harbor, I stopped at the park and had a lil picnic down by the lake. Enough to keep me going before cycling up to the ziplining. I could see a beach across the lake from me and figured this must be reachable, i’ll try that later..

So I headed up for ziplining and when I got there it was a pretty small place. I just ziplined from one end to the other with nothing to see. But it was pretty high and free so I can’t complain. Good practice before I do it over something impressive one day!

After this I was on my way back to Egg Harbor when I cycled past a winery and cheese tasting place. They were both seperate from each other but I thought i’d stop at both, might aswell! I went to the cheese place first which probably wasn’t the best way round. The cheese was nothing special. I miss Halloumi!

Then I went to the winery. The woman was pretty rude until realising i’m over 21. She asked which i’d like to try, I said my choice and she just said “We’re out of that, can I see ID?” I was like woahhh. But I showed her and then she suddenly started being my friend. I might look 12 but i’m actually not.

I tried quite a few, mostly cherry blends but one blueberry and then I had whipped cream chocolate wine which made me wanna throw up and I had to get my water bottle out of my bag.. In the end I wanted a bottle of the cherry wine but I didn’t wanna carry it so I just ended up walking out with a plaque that said ‘Bad decisions make good stories’. I thought it reminded me of my life in general.

When I returned to Egg Harbor I cycled on to find that beach. It wasn’t too far and when I got their, even though it was 6pm, the sun was blazing! The beach was so quiet and the sand was beautiful. Like sandy sand and not the horrible sharp stoney sand 😉 I relaxed here for a bit with my music on and just watching children throw stones into the water. Egg Harbor is a really pretty place too. I could retire here if the visa laws weren’t so strict.

Finally riding home was great. I put my music in because I knew the roads and knew where I was going. On the road through the tree’s there were no cars at all, just me cycling along like a cool dude. It was a lot faster to get back, about45 mins instead of the 2 hours it took to get there. (I kept stopping on the way there.. pushing my bike up some hills y’know.) I’m sure soon enough i’ll be cycling this route in 25 mins..

Tonight I went to watch the sunset in Fish Creek. It was really pretty. Once again it’s my favourite spot for writing. Once the sun has gone down, everyone leaves and there’s just me here.

So that was my day off 🙂 I’m not sure what i’ve left myself to do for the next few months but i’m sure i’ll find things. Tomorrow i’m going to walk around Fish Creek and have a look around some of the shops. I also want to find out about events happening soon and if there’s anything I can write about for the paper 🙂

Should be fun.

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