The Lost & Found Leeds Club and why you will be glad you found it

Tonight I visited a cosy bar and restaurant that I’ve visited only once before for a hen party. I loved it then but never fully appreciated it until now. Perhaps to do with the fact I’ve gone in sober this time!

There are two Lost & Found‘s in Leeds. One located on Greek Street and the other at Albion however I’ve only been to the Albion Place one before therefore all photographs in this post are taken here.

The Lost & Found Leeds
Honey Bee cocktail at The Lost & Found

The thing I remember the most about this place initially is amazing cocktails and delicious pizza. So when I walked past today with my friend I couldnt help but be enticed by the 50% off found cocktails sign outside.

We were heading elsewhere for dinner but decided to pop in for a cocktail beforehand.

The first thing you will notice about this place is the unique decor. It is miles different to most bars you’ll find in Leeds and I love it.

The Lost & Found Leeds

Initially, I wasn’t sure what cocktail to start with so asked the waiter to recommend one. (I later learnt his name was Harry) I ended up ordering a Yuki-Tsubaki. It’s made with ginger, hazlenut syrup and might just be one of the tastiest cocktails I’ve ever tried!

The Lost & Found Leeds

We were meant to stop for one cocktail but how can you leave after one when you’ve had a taste of these delicious found cocktails priced at just Β£5 during happy hour?!

The Lost & Found Leeds

Another cocktail down me, this time Honey Bee, and I was ready to eat! We were meant to be heading to Nando’s and as much as I was craving it, we loved the atmosphere of this place too much to leave. The drinks and prices were too good to resist, the service was absolutely top notch and the pasta and steaks were half price on Wednesdays!

So of course we ordered some food.

Lost & Found Club Leeds

I went for something totally different to usual, a three cheese risotto. I’m not sure it was entirely up my street being a burger type of gal but I did taste my friends chicken penne pesto rosso too and that was very tasty!

Lost & Found Club Leeds

If you do visit Lost & Found, be sure to pay a visit to the toilets downstairs. That sounds like the weirdest recommendation I’ve ever made however you’ll understand why I’m saying it once you’ve been. Just take a look at these snaps of mine:

Lost & Found Club Leeds

Even the loo itself was like sitting on a throne.. Literally. I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.

Lost & Found Club Leeds

The place in general has a really cosy feel to it and I felt completely comfortable here. Perhaps even a little bit Christmassy with those lights!

Lost & Found Club Leeds

To top it off, the service was absolutely superb. If you ever read my reviews I might occasionally name drop however the service I received here made my friend and I feel so valued that we didn’t leave. We were meant to stay for one drink yet three cocktails later and a meal in our belly we were still here. Harry always had time for us and I even tipped… Which I never do in the UK because let’s face it, I’m a bit of a cheapskate! So that’s quite an achievement for me haha.

Of course I couldn’t leave without trying the final gin based cocktail. The last one was Mortianna’s Garden and ended up being my favourite of the night. This is perfect if you like your sweet drinks!

Lost & Found Club Leeds

Having been to the Lost & Found Club on Albion Place twice now, I’d highly recommend it. They even have a presence in Birmingham, Knutsford, Bristol and Sheffield. So really, you have no excuse not to visit right?

Lost & Found Club Leeds

Visited Lost & Found Leeds Club – October 2019


  1. Looks like a really classy place, especially the toilets! You can’t complain about those prices either can you? I thought cocktails were at least double that at posh bars.


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