Hello Vilnius!

This weekend I’m out exploring the Lithuania capital, Vilnius.

I’ve been to Latvia and Estonia before and now I’m finally completing my little tour of the Baltic States!

So we jumped on a plane yesterday, another beautiful flight.

So far we’ve wandered around the city bopping in and out of bars amongst admiring beautiful buildings such as this one:

We’ve been hiding from the rain.. As always. But at the same time sweating in the sun too. Unpredictable weather!

How strange that the photos above and below were taken within the same hour.

Hopefully today will be sunnier and we can enjoy what we have planned for the day. Looking forward to admiring the beautiful buildings in daylight and seeing what the city has to offer. I absolutely love seeing the autumn colours too!

Wish me good weather!

Visited Vilnius, Lithuania in October 2019.


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