Introducing Newkee, the latest member of our adventure tribe!

It’s been a long time coming. All of those pet friendly hotels we’ve stayed in. The glamping and countryside B&Bs. The big hikes across the wilderness. All those quirky pubs we’ve seen..

Well its obvious we’ve been missing a companion..

So, meet.. NEWKEE!

She’s our new puppy!

Ready to join us on adventures up and down the country.

She is definitely hard work, she’s a puppy after all. And we are still getting used to her. But we are excited to see what happiness she will bring and where we can take her as we venture out and about.

She’s going to grow to be one big wolf and I’m sure she will love the long walks!

But for now we are taking it easy as she continues to grow and we get used to having her.

So meet Newkee the Husky cross Shepherd and look forward to many pictures of her as she joins us on our adventure.


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