A day trip to St Agnes in Cornwall

Last weekend we visited the beautiful Cornwall and I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I left! Missing it already.

As the weather turned nasty and rained all morning we weren’t sure where to go. It definitely wasn’t a beach day so we hopped in the car and went for a drive.

I picked a spot on the map and we started driving. Nothing attracted to me to St Ives other than the fact I’d recently heard of it when researching places to go in Cornwall. Ten minutes into the drive it dawned on me that we’d actually entered St Agnes in to the sat nav by accident and we were heading for the wrong place entirely. Never heard of St Agnes and had no idea whether there was anything worth seeing there at all.

Very glad to have been pleasantly surprised!

Reminding me very much of some of the North East Coast this place is a great little gem.

Located along the South West Coast Path that I mentioned earlier this week on my blog. Give it a read here if you haven’t already!

We parked up the car somewhere near the town centre and right by this nifty little sign showing us exactly where to go next!

When we got here the weather wasn’t great but it picked up in the afternoon letting me get some beautiful pictures of the place.

There were a lot of people here surfing the waves and it looked to be a popular place to learn aswell with facilities to hire nearby.

There was a fair bit of beach when we arrived so we were able to scramble across the rocks and towards the cove to explore a little.

We then headed towards the various food places dotted around. First stop the cafe on the front!

Breakers Beach Cafe is a charming little place where I had the most delicious Cornwall fudge ice cream! Also enjoyed my first proper Cornish pasty!

We then headed for a drink at The Driftwood Spars which is a historical dog friendly pub. The interior was really cool!

After our short stop I was really keen to walk part of The South West Coast Path. I’d read about it online and as mentioned in my earlier blog post, it’s a beautiful walk with magnificent views. I was not disappointed!

You can reach the path from just outside the pub.

Venture up some stairs and you’ll soon reach this pretty viewpoint.

The path winds up and down with far reaching views. It’s only a short walk before you’re impressed.

I really enjoyed hiking up to the top. I could have carried on walking if we weren’t there only for the day.

So make a stop at St Agnes next time your in Cornwall and I’m sure you will be pleased.


  1. If you ever return to St Agnes, the railway tavern is a great pub. Friendly staff and regulars, great food, live music and games during the week (killer darts/ bingo) that everyone can get involved with. Makes anyone feel welcome- would highly recommend πŸ‘πŸΌ

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