Georgian food…in Ukraine!

Apparently this is a thing here? So here I am tasting Georgian food for the first time..

It was our first night in Kiev and we fancied somewhere different but comfortable so we read about a restaurant named Mama Mahaha. (Mama Mañana also) A few metro stops later and we were there..

The place was busy, which is a great sign for 9pm on a Monday!

It was our first meal in Ukraine and we had no idea what to order even when it came to drinks. I wanted something fruity so I ended up with 100ml of some spirit with no mixer! It wasn’t long before I had to add some lemonade! (Which tasted exactly like Iron Brew might I add). I still have no clue what I was drinking..

When it came to ordering I went for Kharcho which is a Georgian soup made with Beef, rice, greens and spices which I had read on TripAdvisor was amazing. I don’t normally go by reviews but since I had no idea what I was ordering I thought I may aswell take a recommendation! It turned out well because the beef was cooked perfectly, the kind that falls apart in your mouth and it tasted amazing in the soup. We even got a selection of bread and dips.

Afterwards we ordered some mains. Odjakhuri (pork) and Khachapuri with suguni and iMereti cheese which I can only describe as cheesy garlic bread without the garlic!

Dec’s fried pork with potatoes and garlic was superb though.

The bread was okay but after seeing the menu I think I was a little underwhelmed unfortunately! Will definitely have to try some Ukrainian bread dishes whilst I’m out here instead.

The food overall was really good and the decor in the place made a really quirky different setup!

I especially liked the way they presented the cheque..

And of course let’s not miss the signs for the toilets..

Overall, I highly recommend the experience. Not sure if this restaurant is elsewhere in the world but there are definitely a few in Kiev if you find yourself over here.

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