Munich : Land of the bäckerei

Continuing my Eurotrip and trying local food in each place it’s time to see what Germany has on offer.

Now, I have visited Berlin before where I tried many Weiss beers, wurst and sauerkraut. I can’t say I’m really a fan of any of it!

Unfortunately I’m not a beer person so Germany is perhaps not the ideal location for me. I must admit though the different flavoured Weiss beer on offer are tasty even if my stomach doesn’t agree!

Taken on my trip to Berlin in 2016

So during my trip to Munich this week I couldn’t help but notice the amount of bakeries everywhere! Literally lining the streets you can’t turn a corner without seeing at least three. If it’s not bakeries it’s cafes.

This is a good thing though as it means you can grab an easy lunch or snack at a cheap price.


The first thing I ate in Munich, and something you have to try, was the pretzel. For the first time I had a butterbrezel. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a pretzel filled with butter. I enjoyed it so much this wasn’t the only one I had during my 2 days in Munich.

Pretzels are very salty and with the butter I’d say even saltier!

I bought my first pretzel at Mlinar located near Marienplatz. Just as big as the other bakeries but I found this one to be the cheapest. You can grab a pretzel for around €1.20.

If you plan to visit the hauptbahnhof whilst in Munich they do pretzels bigger than your head!

I also tried the schnittlauchbrezel which is butter and chives. I found the chives to be way too over powering but if you’re a fan you might like this combination.

A short walk from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Munich I found myself a small local chocolate bakery – Chocolatte Backerei.

Mini Zitronenkuchen

Now I think this means mini lemon cake. The lady in the cafe described what the cakes were before I bought it and I went for the chocolate version.

If I was to bluntly describe the taste of this using a common English sweet treat, I’d say it was like the bottom of a muffin covered in dark chocolate. I would also add the word stale. This was really my least favourite thing I’ve tried on this Eurotrip!

Unsure if they all taste like that or if it was just a bad choice of bakery? What a shame too because it looks like it could be the tastiest snack aswell. I guess looks can be deceiving!


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