Dealing with those post holiday blues

We survived that dreaded Monday. You know the first day at work after you’ve come back from an amazing trip away somewhere?

You know exactly the holiday blues i’m talking about! Well they’ve hit at full force.

But actually, the fact that I enjoy my job, i’m happy with my life and I have many things to look forward to coming up. Well it makes it a whole lot easier!

But I still feel it just like everyone else does.

As a globetrotter my way of coping with a holiday ending is to ensure I always have my next trip already booked to follow. That way I don’t have many days to be wishing I was still travelling before the next adventure comes along. Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone. I appreciate some of you actually spend money on clothes, gadgets, cars, children and everything else that falls in to that necessities category. Luckily for me, travel is my priority for now and I do work hard to fund it all.

With that said, it still sucks to return back to work Monday morning.

So here are my top tips on surviving those holiday blues:

1. Never do the whole ‘this time last week’ thing. You know what I’m talking about. The part where you think of that exact spot you were at exactly a week ago then you feel sorry for yourself because you’re not there anymore. My mum was a sucker for this! Well you’re not there anymore, it’s this time this week and you can’t change that so make today count instead!

If it makes you happy then by all means look back but if it makes you miserable look ahead.

2. Don’t feel sad when you look at your photos. They capture the moment so be thankful that you went and you had an awesome time doing so.

3. Share your stories. I write about everything. Even the airport I managed to blog about the other day. Sometimes it helps to tell your stories to friends, family, strangers and anyone that will hear them. I write about all of my trips so that one day I can look back and say hey, I did that!

4. Book that next trip.

Forget financial commitments or work, everybody needs a holiday. And in my case I need 7.. You catch my drift. If you’re feeling sad that your holiday is over, get planning the next! Because life is too short to not have something to look forward to.

5. Smile.

Because life is what you make it. If you had an amazing time on holiday, think of what it was that you were doing that you enjoyed. Then why not make that a part of everyday life?

Until next time 💖

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