3 nights on The Canary Islands

Day 1 – Las Palmas

At the start of this year I jumped on a plane to Gran Canaria in The Canary Islands.

And in case you’re not sure exactly where that is well it’s about a 4 hour flight from UK all the way down next to Africa!

Map of Gran Canaria

I stayed in Las Palmas which I later learnt was definitely for the surfers! I’m not an ocean person really so I don’t enjoy surfing but I do love to watch them in the water.

It was a very unlucky weekend for weather in Gran Canaria. There was a storm coming and I definitely wasn’t happy about that! Normally blue skies and sunny days but I get there and it’s cloudy, raining and windy!

So I landed at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport and grabbed the bus over to Las Palmas. Took around an hour and cost me only about 3 euros, a measly 10% of what a taxi would cost (I always use public transport when I’m travelling).

I stayed at HiTide House Hostel which was a convenient little place right on the waterfront. The perfect location for beach lovers. Shame I didn’t get beach weather! The quirky thing about this hostel was that the rooms really were one of a kind. I’ve stayed in many many hostels all around the world but I can definitely say I’ve never once had a swing in my room or slept at the top of a triple bunk bed!

I’d recommend this place especially if you are wanting to go surfing. It’s the perfect location and has an awesome roof terrace for chilling out, sunbathing or having a drink.

In the mornings staying here I’d eat breakfast watching the waves then head out for a morning jog along the stretching coastline. It was literally perfect!

And that’s exactly what I did my first day in Las Palmas. I grabbed my gear and decided to see how far I could go jogging along the coast. I’m not much of a jogger, I only started building up my fitness in December 2017 so I’ve got a long way to go yet. But jogging along the coast, listening to the sound of the waves and literally feeling the wind through your hair made for a really great jog. Even walking this or cycling would be just as enjoyable I’m sure too.

I spent the evening with guys from the hostel eating Tapas at La Barbería de Vegueta a short taxi journey from Las Palmas. In this area there was tons of Tapas places and great nightlife. It was my first time experiencing all the Spanish food and I am definitely glad tapas isn’t a thing in England! Not because I don’t enjoy it but because I enjoy it too much and could easily end up scoffing my face every time I’m out!


Still to come.. Exploring Arucas & Maspalomas


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