Destination: Gran Canaria

It’s official. I have my first destination for 2018!

In January I will be heading to one of Spain’s Canary Islands. A brand new destination for me and my first solo trip since early last year.

In 2018 I’d like to take some well deserved time and spend it on becoming myself again. This year has been very difficult for various reasons and so next year I’m making it my aim to bring back some of those things that make me smile!

It’s been a while since I last travelled solo but I’m excited to get out on the road again just me, myself and I. Nothing like bringing in the new year with a new destination.

And it’s not just any old trip, it’s my favourite kind. I’m going to be hiking! My backpack stuffed with fitness gear, hiking boots and a good book – I just can’t wait to explore!

Do you have any recommendations on walking trails or places to visit whilst I’m there? Please let me know!

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