Well, it’s officially happening.

My first flight of 2017 and woah we’re going to Ibiza! ☀️

I was invited by my best friend to head to the island for her 30th birthday in August and originally I didn’t fancy it. I’ve never wanted to go to Ibiza, it’s not my scene I don’t think. But after a while uhming and ahhing I thought, hey life’s too short! When am I ever going to get to go on a trip with a bunch of girls again? When will I ever get to go to Ibiza again? And when will my friend ever turn 30 again? Never! Life’s too short to be a no man.

So I’m heading out in August and I’m super excited! I’ve heard so much about the place and now it’s time to see it for myself. I’m flying solo and meeting the girls out there which means I have a whole day to myself on the way home. I can’t wait to explore the island and hopefully find some parts to trek and discover the beauty of the place off the beaten track.

Any recommendations on parts I should visit?

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