The aftermath…

I have now been home from my ‘Big Trip’ for 2 months! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been home nearly as long as I was travelling for! Feels like I’ve been home 2 minutes and that I was travelling for 2 years. Can’t believe it. I think that sums up just how much I experienced on my trip.

Last month I blogged about how I had gotten travelling out of my system. Whilst I stand by that to say I don’t feel like taking a solo trip again or a long trip of living in hostels, I can say I definitely miss the adventures.

I don’t even think it’s being on them that I miss, even just talking about them with fellow travellers. I miss the buzz, the atmosphere and the excitement when you meet someone who is just like you.

My life is very strange at the moment. For the first time to such an extent as this, I really feel like I have absolutely no idea what to do next. 

I’m currently working in an office. Whilst I absolutely love office work for some reason and all the people are nice and the job is decent, I can’t help but feel that this isn’t what I should be doing. I have such a large knowledge of the world that I have learnt through travelling and it absolutely sucks to not be sharing it with anyone.

At this moment in time I’m really considering my career options. I feel like I should be working in the travel industry but I just don’t know if it’s right for me. I’m weighing up the wages, the working hours and the pressured environment and it all puts me off but at the same time I feel my skills are completely wasted on other jobs.

I really don’t know what to do with myself at the moment. I’ve never been so unsure of what step to take next, I’ve always had a plan. Whether it’s been a University degree, planning to leave to go travelling or just a direction I want my career to go, right now I have none of that but my burning desire to talk about travelling.

Right now, i’m going to set myself a personal goal to blog more. I’ve let this blog go neglected for the last 2 months and I feel that sometimes a blog helps you to feel a bit more connected to what you love. So stay tuned for a fair few posts today and hopefully a bit more than usual going forward 🙂

In the meantime do you have any ideas of what kind of direction to take in the travel industry that might be a good place to use my skills?

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