When in Hollywood…

What is the most Hollywood thing you can do when in Hollywood?

Be in a movie of course!

So a few weeks ago when I knew I was coming here I searched the Internet to find out what might be filming whilst I’m out here. I was hoping I’d be able to get tickets for The Big Bang Theory but no chance with how popular that is now!

What I did in fact get was a set pass to be an extra in a movie starring two A-List celebrities. I can’t talk about details as I signed a release form with Fox Studios however I can talk about how it made me feel and what I did.

It involved me being in the audience for an important game scene so I had to watch the actors and doubles play a match against each other whilst the crew got all their shots. It was very repetitive and to be honest.. Kind of boring.

What I did experience though was the most sun I’ve ever had! I always try avoid the sun especially during mid day where you are meant to but with this scene I was literally sat all day facing the sun with no hat and no sunglasses because I couldn’t wear them for the shot! I am suddenly so tanned. But also burnt. But not badly burnt as I was wearing sunscreen that I applied and I reapplied when they handed some out however I still managed to burn my nose and shoulders!

It was my first time in a movie. I’ve been on sets for tv shows and music videos before but never movies. It’s interesting to see how many shots they use doubles for when they really don’t need to! Also interesting to see famous actors actually doing their own stunts too when they don’t necessarily need to.

I enjoyed it as an experience but I don’t think I would do it again. I always knew that filming a movie isn’t as simple as one shot, it requires lots of takes and lots of repetition. I have a new found appreciation of everyone on set for managing to make a whole movie without getting bored and giving up haha

It will probably change the way I watch movies going forward like visiting the Warner Bros Studios has ruined movies and tv shows for me for life but I guess I’ll get over it and cross another thing off my bucket list!

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