I’m back in Hollywood where I belong!

Well maybe not.. I belong on Broadway but I guess this is the next best thing 😉

Today I decided to do a tour of Beverly Hills with the hostel. I’ve done this exact tour 3 years ago this month at the same hostel and it was good to see what changes they’ve made. It’s changed quite a bit and this time included more time exploring Rodeo Drive and the shops.

I enjoyed seeing how the rich live and honestly.. I’m not jealous at all! The stores are empty, uninviting and full of ugly stuff I wouldn’t wear if they were given to me. It’s a good job money doesn’t buy you happiness so at least I can carry on being happy rather than rich 🙂

It was very fancy though and the houses as impressive as always.

I met a few people today. A girl from Canberra in Australia and another from Germany however they both decided to trek to the Hollywood sign today and since I’ve been there before I chose the option of nap time followed by free BBQ!

Tomorrow I need to be up at 5am to get to Carson City. It’s quite far away and I need to be there before 8am for something new that I’ve not done before. Not going to get too excited about it before it happens in case it doesn’t but let me just say it will definitely be something from the bucket list crossed off if it does!

My time in Hollywood is already passing by quickly because I’m enjoying myself. The only downside is the weather, it’s so cold! At night it’s the same temperature as the days in England which is very low in comparison with Australia and Hawaii! I can’t cope with only the clothes in my backpack!

Tonight I will go for a wander down the Hollywood walk of fame and perhaps buy a hoodie from somewhere! If it’s anything like last time I expect to see wanna bee rappers handing out their demos, Johnny Depp lookalikes and characters from all kinds of movies lining the streets ready to pester me! Wish me luck.

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