Townsville – What a gem

Another thing I did in Townsville was visit Billabong Sanctuary and I am so very glad that I did! This place was even better than Featherdale that I visited in Sydney and I had an entire day here too!

There were tons of shows and encounters with the animals and I never expected it to be so great. As soon as I walked in I was surrounded by kangaroos and even just looking at my map to see where the next show was I noticed tons of turtles in the water. Everywhere I looked there was animals and next to no people. The place was so quiet and peaceful.

I decided to pay for the experiences as it meant I got to hold the animals and take away a photo I could frame and remember my experience with 🙂 Barely anyone paid for the experiences so I didn’t have to queue and I got lots of time with the animals too. It was really worth it and the photos didn’t even work out expensive, 3 for £20 and really good quality large sized photographs.

I even got to see the worlds largest crocodile being fed. It was massive! Really frightening that they actually found one of these creatures on the Strand in Townsville a few weeks ago!

Besides seeing cute dingoes, watching koalas walking around and feeding a massive Australian bird, I also managed to get bitten by a turtle! Such a stupid moment and it turns out turtles have one powerful bite..ouch.

This again, was one of my favourite days in Australia. So far I have enjoyed exploring the East coast the most and now that I’m in Airlie beach it’s just getting even better! S excited to see what else awaits.

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