The emotional roller coaster that is living in the Outback

Yesterday was difficult, today was not.

I have a feeling that is how my time will be out here, hit and miss.

Yesterday I found tough as I began to feel sad about being away from home. After talking with loved ones last night I felt much better. Today I woke up raring to go and felt a lot more comfortable with what I was doing at work and about the reason I’m here and I feel good.

After work today I went over to the grass I normally head to, it’s where I soak up the sun and get lost in a good book! Here I sat for an hour just reading which has become my routine although I am really enjoying this routine. I then went over to the pool just to dip my toes in the cold water and cool down.

I ended up being at the pool for over an hour just chatting to a 70 year old from Devon who spends her time living in and travelling Australia 6 months of the year during England’s winter.

This lady was really happy and really cheered me up. She told me that what I’m doing will stick with me for life and that by working here, the travellers flock to me and that I will meet all kinds of people. I don’t know exactly what she said to me that made me feel happy but she had a positive outlook on the way I live my life and made me appreciate the fact I’m travelling Australia and get this opportunity with also the chance to sort out my financial life on the side.

Sometimes a small conversation can have such a large impact on how you feel about where you are and what you’re doing and suddenly you feel so much clearer.

After our chat I walked to watch the beautiful sunset and it made me realise just how amazing it is to be able to say that I live in the Australian outback.

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