Sydney to Darwin: The Epic Roadtrip

There’s been so much happen since I left on Friday that I’m forgetting things already!

Currently on day 4 of our epic camping trip from Sydney to Darwin via Melbourne. Was easily sold into doing the whole trip- didn’t even need to think about it.

So we set off Friday morning nice and early and after getting caught in a thunderstorm in Canberra, we decided to skip stopping there and drove straight on to Melbourne.

After a few phone calls around campsites we were in! Managed to get a site in the Big 4 Holiday Park just outside of the city which was surprising as it was labour day weekend!

Camping is nothing like I expected. It is so much nicer! And not scary at all, I’m not even fussed about insects luckily. I actually prefer it to hostels already however I do miss sleeping in a bed to be honest.

On our first night in Melbourne it started to get dark early so we set up the campsite and settled in ready for an early morning. Also hoping the weather would brighten up a little…

Unfortunately it was pretty chilly so we wrapped up warm and headed into the city to catch a tram and take a free walking tour! The walking tour we were hoping would show us around the city and make us see what we might want to spend the day doing. We also thought we might be recommended some places by the tour guide.. Unfortunately nothing at all jumped out at us. It was like there was nothing to see! Not only that but the weather was like an English Autumn day and the whole place reminded me of Blackpool with the shops, trams and fanfare on the canal!

The Moomba Festival was in town so we walked past all the stores and straight back on to a tram to head back to the campsite. In fairness we spent all day walking around the city so we really did give it a chance it was just not what I was expecting at all- really disappointing after I’d heard so many good things. Luckily we both felt the same way about the place.

We saw things on the tour but nothing memorable except the graffiti street which even now I forget the name of. It was cool to look at but not nearly as good as the street art in San Francisco and Athens in Greece. The good thing about it is that it changes every week so you never really know what you’re going to see there.

The next day we headed to St Kilda where we’d heard was the place to be for backpackers. We decided to walk there as it was only around 4 miles from the city centre. It was a nice walk, started off freezing wearing my leggings but unfortunately when the clouds began to part I started to burn and now my face is as red as a tomato! But at least we got a bit of nice weather as we walked along the coast. We also stumbled upon Melbourne’s F1 race track in the park which was one of my highlights.

St Kilda was okay, it’s very touristy and looks again like a beach in Blackpool with funnily enough a Luna amusement park right by the water and a very Big Dipper looking ride.

Melbourne isn’t a place I’d return to unless there was something I was going there for as it really didn’t appeal to me. Perhaps the bar scene is good or something must be as its won city of culture for 5 years running now! So there must be something worth visiting in Melbourne!

Didn’t get chance to do Philip Island full of penguins so that could be a good reason to go back but even that is over 100 miles from Melbourne city.

So we said goodbye to Melbourne today and hit The Great Ocean Road! Unfortunately the weather was very gloomy for it so we didn’t see it at its best. The twelve apostles was still worth a glance though for sure. Not really sure why people spend longer doing this road, it’s just a whole bunch of cliff and tack along the way.. Haha

Finally we reached Warrnambool which we nearly bypassed and I’m so glad we didn’t! This has been my favourite part of my trip so far! Such a secluded little town in what feels like the middle of nowhere and complete ghost town. It could have been because it was labour day and everything was shut but either way I loved it..

All we had to do here was wander around and take in the beauty of the place. I really liked it here for a few reasons. Firstly it felt untouched as there were minimal people there and certainly no backpackers! Also, there was surprisingly plenty to do in a day or even more.

When we first arrived we headed for the campsite and it was much cheaper than that in Melbourne. It was of the same quality though except we had more space. We were also told some really cool things to visit by the friendly staff working there. She told us all about Oddball the movie about how dogs looked after penguins on an island to protect them from being attacked by foxes! They saved the penguin population! It was the nicest thing and funnily enough this happens in Warrnambool on an island named Middle Island that you can see from the town. They even filmed the movie here so I must watch it when I get home!

After seeing this we then ventured into an extinct volcano which was great to hike as we saw wild Emu, a koala sitting in its tree and a wallaby jumped past.. I really enjoyed this hike and that is somewhere I’d ideally spend an extra day just walking around but it was a good taster to a town!

Tomorrow morning we make our way to Adelaide where we will stay for 2 nights. I hear they allow you to rent a bike for free so that should be great for me!

Been in Australia officially 2 weeks now and already feel like I’ve seen an awful lot of stuff! Can’t keep up with it all.

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