Day 11 – Goodbye Bali 

Buffet breakfast at the Spa hotel, pancakes, noodles and rice.. I will miss that! Definitely a random combination. 

Today would be my relaxing spa day where I get everything done before going home.

I started the day with a morning swim as I figured this would be the last time I’d touch a swimming pool for quite some time! 

Booked my pedicure for 3.30pm in the spa at the hotel so that I’d have time to check out, wander around Kuta for one last time then get my feet done just in time for my transfer to the airport at 5.30. Again, I had no real plan for the day only that I needed to spend the last of my currency.. Which I’m very good at doing! 

I ended up walking along the boardwalk by the beach and soaking up the views of the ocean and surfers on Kuta beach. It was nice to admire it one last time and just enjoy the sunshine.

I figured I’d better get a massage done since everyone seemed to go on about how good they were. I wasn’t sure where was best to go for one but I knew I didn’t have a massive amount of cash left since my pedicure was costing me a chunk of my cash.

I managed to find a spa that gave me a 30 minute back massage and do flowers on my nails for only 95! That’s just under a fiver! Bargain. And my nails were very pretty, really happy with those. The massage felt good but I’ve never been one to be able to enjoy a massage and relax without feeling a bit awkward. My full body massage in Thailand was so painful and not enjoyable it set the bar for me disliking them really. 

These treatments swallowed my afternoon and so I headed back to the hotel for my pedicure where I would be getting my feet completely done over. I’ve had really bad feet for quite some time now due to walking everywhere. My heels have become hard and cracked and I’ve been soaking them at home daily to make them softer. I realise now that an Indonesian pedicure is the way forward! It only cost me £10 and they’ve completely removed all the skin from my heels, it’s like having new feet! I’m so impressed with it I’d definitely recommend it if you can get to a spa although I’d imagine it’s quite a bit more expensive outside of Asia! They even put my feet in candle wax, felt amazing!

And this was it for my last day in Bali. 

The taxi man picked me up to take me to the airport and before dropping me off he asked for a cheeky picture with myself because obviously I’m a bit of a celebrity.. Haha not so much but the blonde hair does attract quite the attention.

And now I’m back in the UK just queuing to get through immigration for them to let me back into the country. Hopefully they’ll deport me to Indonesia.. One can hope 🙂

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