First time I’ve ever blogged from a prison beach..

I’ve just finished walking around the soviet prison in Estonia. Very creepy place.. I didn’t go to the tourist section, instead I had a guy show me around the half of the prison that isn’t set up for tourists, it’s all untouched and you can’t close the doors or you risk getting lost in the cells. I spent a lot of time alone wandering around the cell blocks looking at the old newspapers on the walls. It was so creepy and I loved it. I’ve always been a fan or horror movies and games and I have a wild imagination so my mind definitely wandered when I was in there. Reminded me of the silent hill games.

So this morning before heading to the prison I went for pancakes with 3 people I met yesterday. One girl from Canada and 2 guys from Scotland and Wales. It’s my last day in Tallinn so I’m going to explore the rest of old town today before I head back to the hostel and catch the bus to Riga in the morning.

My head still hurts from last night where I ended up going out to do karaoke with everyone from the hostel. Fun night.. I even sang Jolene with a girl from LA who will be couch surfing at mine when she hits up England later this month.

Yesterday I also went to Helsinki in Finland via ferry. The ferry was much bigger than I was expecting and I enjoyed the whole experience but I think Helsinki is really only good for 1 day.. I only really went shopping there. Loved the moomin shop! Spent far too much on those Finnish trolls. It also poured down so unfortunately I didn’t have time to see that much.. But I did walk along the harbour and see the fish markets so that was nice. I don’t think I’d revisit though, reminded me of Geneva with expensive shops and not so much to see.

Tonight I will be going out for dinner with the hostel, perhaps I’ll get to finally try some Estonian food!

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