Next month, I head to Italy!

The one country in Europe that I want to visit more than any other.

I’m going to be spending 3 days in Rome at the end of June. I’m actually pretty excited and I don’t usually get excited til I reach the airport.

This will be my first time travelling in Europe alone but also my first time alone in a non-English speaking country so I’m sure it will be very different from America.

There are a few things I have planned but not yet booked, so any recommendations would be great.

For Day 1 I want to arrive, check in to my hostel and walk around and explore myself.

Day 2 I am dying to do a bike tour. It’s been way too long since I cycled back in America and I really miss it. The bicycle tours there were so good aswell.

Day 3 obviously I have to do a food tour. It’s a must I’m sure in Italy.

So if you have any suggestions for good tour groups to go with or hidden gems then send me a message please ๐Ÿ™‚

Just under 2 months and I’ll get my travel fix again.

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