The plan is in motion..

You may have noticed the photograph I put up last week of the goodies I won at the Sta Travel talk. I wasn’t just given a book about Thailand, I could have chosen a book about any country I wanted. I chose Thailand because my plans are becoming more real.

A few months ago I was blogging about TEFL and how I’d love to do the Thailand teaching internship. Well, last weekend I went to another travel talk that was all about TEFL and this internship. I learnt so much about the job and the experience that previous participants have had and it sounds incredible. I wasn’t just talking to people who worked for the company I was talking to people who have done the internship previously and had come back to the talk to apply for permanent jobs abroad.

The whole thing sounds amazing and exactly what I’m looking for. 2 months away exploring a new country in a continent that fascinates me more than any. But most importantly, a chance to experience some volunteering- something they say everybody should do at some point in their life. The problem with working for free for so long is that you don’t get many chances in your life where you can actually do that… So now is the time. Besides it being voluntary, it’s a chance for me to experience teaching and working with children who come from a completely different culture. I’m really looking forward to getting involved with this.

The internship is open a few times a year for applicants but with me it’s not a case of waiting for the right time, I’m ready now! But it’s getting the money together. I want to get a good lump sum of money behind me so I can take full advantage of my time off to travel again. If I’m going to take some time to myself to travel I may aswell do 2 months and then some..

Saving fund starts again next month. Here goes ๐Ÿ™‚

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