Hey Sophie, I am a student from the UK studying at the university of Sheffield. I am in my second year and have a massive summer which I need to keep occupied in. I have always had a passion for travelling, and then i came across this BUNAC work america scheme. I am worried about doing this sort of thing on my own, you know, putting myself out there… its scary! would you have any advice for me? Is it easy to meet people and make friends? From Cher x

Heyy my advice would just be to go for it! Think of it as the only chance you might ever get to do something like this, as it might be the only chance! It’s something you’ll remember forever regardless of how it goes. Whilst you’re out there try and take part in as much as you possibly can, do what you like don’t think twice. Make sure you come back knowing you have no regrets! It is always easy to meet friends as long as you are willing. Put yourself out there and make sure you take advantage of any invitations you receive. There were times where I wanted to stay in bed but then I’d think what am I doing.. People are inviting me out I should be making the most of it! You will meet people that don’t like you, but don’t worry you won’t like them either and the great thing is.. You don’t have to see them again. You’ll also meet friends for life. Travelling is so fantastic because you meet people from all walks of life with different stories from all over the world. So if you want to meet people, you will definitely meet people 🙂 Make sure you do it. The biggest regrets I have from uni are the 2 summers I spent working in England.. I wish I’d have thought twice about them before wasting the opportunity.

Good luck with everything and let me know how you’re going with planning the route.

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