I’m not going to lie.. My pictures are pretty terrible. (Ruined by the weather)

So, because you might not be able to tell from the above, I spent this valentines day in Ireland!

As you can probably guess with the weather we’re having over here.. It rained a lot. But I had a really great time. Dublin Is really good for its music scene, it has such a good atmosphere to take in when passing through the streets.

I went for just 3 nights but managed to get a lot of what I wanted to see fitted in to that time frame.

If you ever find yourself in Dublin, there is an amazing free walking tour that you can do. It runs everyday at 11am and then again later on in the day. It starts outside of the city hall and covers all the main sites worth seeing and with great historical facts. I loved the tour guide and would even have paid at least €20 for that tour. It’s definitely a brilliant thing to go for considering how expensive the majority of things are in Dublin at the moment.

Ireland is really pretty and a great place for a number of things. In Dublin you’ll find the bar scene is really lively, on top of that there’s plenty of history and culture to experience in the city. My personal favourite places to visit were Temple Bar and Trinity College. They’re pretty big on fish and chips aswell but that’s nothing new to me being British! But look at how they package the chips in the photo above, how bizarre!

The one thing this little trip has got me thinking about is how much I want to be out there travelling again. So, stay tuned for future plans.

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