I’ve just arrived in the not-so-warm capital of the Czech Republic: Prague.

Spent a couple of hours walking around old town to get to know the place after checking in to my hotel.

Prague is often voted one of the top places to visit in Europe coming in straight after cities like Paris, Berlin, London. It is nearly always found in the top 10 on popular websites. This tells me there must be something attracting the visitors in.

So far I’ve walked along Charles Bridge and seen the astronomical clock. Whilst the clock show on the hour wasn’t so impressive, the structure itself is. The statues found around the streets are really pretty and it’s nice to see some genuine history after so much time in America.

Walking along the bridge, the view was beautiful. Reminds me a lot of the view from the bridge in Paris only without the Eiffel Tower. The exterior of the buildings remind me of Edinburgh and the town square reminds me a lot of Bruges. Whilst the cities all look similar, it’s still a great thing because it shows the authenticity. I always find that European cities tell stories and there are many buildings that will have you stop in your tracks just to get a camera out.

I like the place so far. Prices are reasonable being around the same as they are in England only with cheaper beer. Shame that American food chains like McDonalds and KFC ruin the historical presence but I couldn’t even avoid those on a Greek island so it’s to be expected.

Tomorrow I want to visit Prague castle and see the views of the city from the top. Let’s hope there is no fog in the weather forecast.

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