Birthday celebrations!

Last week was my birthday and so I celebrated all week starting Sunday.

Photo 1&2: it was my bosses birthday on the 24th so we decided to have a gathering at his where we’d celebrate with Mexican food and cake! The girl on the left is Allison, she’s my bosses daughter and works with me, she’s super nice and just went back to college to get her masters degree so I might not see here again now. Dee on the right is a crazy party animal, she’s so much fun and would fit right in back at home in the Midland! Lol I get on with her so well. Here they’re mixing giant Mojitas that Dee got me for my birthday 😛

After this party, photo 3: after those Mojitos.. I went out to the Bayside with my Mexican friend Isela. It was such a good night. I ended the night partying with Mike who works in the store below the store I work in. We went to a bonfire in the state park and I saw the biggest tent I’ve ever seen.. I think it was Harry Potter’s tent.

Photo 4: On my actual birthday I went to a talent show with my host mom, it was really fun. We were asked to sing our national anthems and as the only one from England they wanted me to get up there and sing! I had to tell them I don’t actually know the song.. It was pretty embarrassing, felt ashamed lol. But China sang their’s amazingly well!

Photo 5: After the show I finally tried out the restaurant above the place I work in. Mr Helsinki’s French Asian. We went here for crepes and they decorated mine to celebrate my birthday 🙂

The next day I went to Sturgeon Bay for the first time. It’s such an old town and kind of creepy with all the old stores and amount of bears everywhere. There was barely any people around aswell.. Like a ghost tour. I also went to Walmart for the last time I’ll go in a few years most likely.

Tomorrow is my day off so I’ll head to Egg Harbor for the last time ever 😦 going to miss Door County a lot!

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