Sticky situation

At the moment I’m worrying a lot about getting home. It is all that’s on my mind, which isn’t fair because I didn’t sign up for this!

I was picked up in June from Chicago and driven to my workplace. Since then I’ve come to find that that was a one way deal.

How do I get home?

So lets look at the options..

I have no car. There is no public transport from Fish Creek. This therefore leaves the massive task of finding someone to drive me.

It was a struggle but I managed to get my boss to agree to driving the 90 min ride to Green Bay. So all was well. But then I found out the only bus from Green Bay that would get me in to Chicago during daylight would be at 6:40am :/ being the only option he agreed to it and I booked and payed for the non-refundable ticket.

After booking it I came to learn it was the only ticket that isn’t printable at home. You must pick it up from the station in ADVANCE since the ticket office is closed at the time I’m travelling. Meaning I now need another lift to Green Bay on another day..

So now what do i do?

I am supposed to be enjoying my last few weeks but all I can do is keep looking for people who can drive me there on my days off. And I even have to pick it up myself, can’t get someone else to do it for me! So I have 4 more days off, so 4 more possible opportunities.

The other options include: getting a later bus and arriving in Chicago at 9pm in the dark, alone with a suitcase and not a clue where I am.


Getting a bus a day earlier on a Sunday at a reasonable time but costing me an extra night in a hotel plus a whole days wages.

Both options also include me having to pay for another ticket.

Remind me again why I don’t have a driving license?

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