Some news,

I’ve made my decision and I will no longer be visiting Canada. Whilst my sponsor has signed my visa to allow me to travel outside of the US, there is no guarantee I will be re-admitted during my travel period. The signature is only valid during the working period.

I have been told numerous times that I ‘should’ be fine. But as a frequent flyer to the US and with an interest in working in the travel industry, I really don’t want that ‘entry denial’ stamp in my pretty passport. And so I just can’t risk a ‘should’.

When I looked at the positives and negatives for both going to Canada and not, I found that my list was more for staying in the US.

I am very glad to know I will now be staying an extra night in Washington DC (the place I want to see most). I will also be visiting Buffalo and have extra time at Niagara Falls in a friendly hostel I’ve found that looks great. And on top of these changes I now get a good amount of time in Boston where I have many things planned.

Not only am I getting extra time in the US but I’m cutting down my time spent on buses by around 20 hours. I will now be flying straight from Buffalo to Boston instead of via Montreal and Toronto.

I look forward to seeing Canada in the near future with my partner instead, we can see it for the first time together now 🙂

I will post up an itinerary for friends and family in the next few weeks.

Everything is booked and I’m ready to go!

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