The thing that makes me sad about living here,

Is knowing that it’s not forever..

Although there are many things I look forward to once I’ve left Door County, (travel plans, seeing family again, home comforts) It feels like I’m leaving paradise. Almost like I’m being kicked out of heaven.

This is a place where you walk down the street and people you don’t know say hello. Everybody’s friendly, work is a good place to be, all businesses are run by those in the community, there are no takeaways, no McDonald’s, no supermarkets.. Nobody cares about what they wear, how they look riding a along on a bike and there are no judgements. Everybody is friends with everybody.

When I return to England I can only imagine my reaction to arriving back will be a breakdown. It scares me to think of going back to shopping where nobody asks you how you are, nobody recognizes you. Back to seeing kids on the street corner smoking and wearing next to nothing whilst vandalizing property and shouting names at people. Back to feeling afraid of walking through town at night.

I haven’t been on a bus, train or any form of public transport in 3 months. Whilst I miss that, I can say for sure that returning home is going to shock me.

I know I will return to Door County again in my life. Mostly because I want to show my partner it’s beauty but also because there are too many reasons to re-visit the place.

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