I do not feel brilliant.

So firstly, apologies for all the disgusting pictures that now fill my travel journal. But since I feel sick most days and all I do is sleep, work and moan about feeling sick.. Well I don’t have much else to write about right now.

I’m posting these photos up for a reason because I’d like as much help as possible before I end up paying the crazy fees to see a doctor out here.

The picture on the left is a new bite on my leg. This one is visible to people around me because of where the bite is, unlike the other lot I posted up.

So I was at work today and a guy saw the bite and said, you’ve been bitten by a spider. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this but now I feel more sure that it is a spider…

I don’t wanna overreact and do a self diagnosis according to Google but it seems like one of my only options at the moment.

My symptoms are headaches and nausea and the bites I posted a few days ago now look like the photo on the right. They are pretty much like bruises.

I do believe that these are just gunna go away and everything will be fine, and so I’m all about leaving them. But do you think I’m being stupid waiting a week to see how they are or should I be acting now?

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