Another travel blog of mine..

Another?? How many do you have!?

Yes, I have a lot of blogs now.

It’s my course.. I keep having to make blogs that showcase my work in different ways for some of the modules I do at Uni.

So, this is my travel journal that you’re reading now. It’s more of a personal account of the process I go through applying for the Work America Program. It’s also a kind of diary where I write about my plans, everyday life and what i’m up to next.. It’s very informal and I wouldn’t link a potential employer to this blog to be honest..

Now, I have just created a new ‘professional’ blog. It will showcase any travel writing I do, and it’ll be where I publish articles related to travel.

So if you are interested in looking at that, the link is here:

Sophie’s Journey

I just thought i’d post this entry in case anyone is interested. But also, in case you stumble upon that one randomly and think I seem to be everywhere haha.

So far I’ve got a lot of likes on the posts I’ve published which i’m really happy with as I only created the site last night. It was a travel writer who spoke at my University last week that encouraged me to create it so here goes.. Here’s hoping I can keep the articles coming..


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