Travel update! Visa, Japanese & Travel plans

A bit of news.. I’ve booked my visa appointment!

Looks like i’ll be heading over to London on April 2nd to apply for my visa. I’m actually really nervous and I’ve even been before! I don’t know why.. I think it’s cos it’s so close to May and i’m worried i’ll get a paper cut and it will ruin my life, haha.

But other than that i’m quite excited. Can’t really concentrate on getting any work done at all at Uni.. I’m so far behind and with me being in 3rd year it’s such a disaster. All I can think about is travelling.. lol Speaking of travelling..

Tonight i’m going to STA’s ‘Big Travel Event’ for people who are planning a big trip. I don’t know what it’ll be like but listening to people offer advice and talk about travelling is exactly what i’m in the mood for 😀

A few more exciting things going on at the moment..

I start Japanese classes tomorrow! I wasn’t going to start until October but they had some cancellations and I got a place to start this month for free! So why not 🙂 Least if I can’t grasp it, I haven’t wasted any dosh..


And I have my hotel for my New York trip booked! 😀 Me and my friend are staying in Brooklyn (Never been before so it’s rather cool).. It’s a posh hotel with free wifi & hot breakfast which means.. no bedbugs! (Hopefully)

I also have my travel plans for after my program almost set.. I need some advice though so i’m going to post a bit about that in a separate entry when I have time 🙂

So, keep the messages coming guys if you have any questions about the process or get in touch if you are working on Catalina Island this summer. I’ve managed to find one guy already and we’re already discussing partying in Tijuana haha. So, more Mexican buddies will be brilliant!

12 more weeks to go 😉

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