Plans for Summer 2013.

I graduate next year. Like most people who take a gap year after University.. I’ve been planning what I will do after I graduate for years.

The time is finally here where I have to begin actually doing the organizing and putting the deposits down.

So.. as a skint student with no help from my parents I have to get every penny myself and so it won’t be a gap year but a gap ‘few months’ 😛

The first step

I spoke to my gran first because she gives the best advice and she actually listens to me. She and my boyfriend are the only ones that know about what i’m doing next year now and i’m really excited to get it all booked then I can tell the rest of my family!

So.. I took the first step last week and put a deposit down for a room at SafeStore (it’s really happening :o). This means that i’m ditching my beautiful house and I have a room ready in May for all my stuff to go in for 6 whole months 😀

This means i’ll save £400 a month not having to pay rent and bills and so I can save that and take it with me.

The plans

I really really wanted to work for Disney again and so I applied in August this year. Got an email back last week and found out i’d been rejected at the CV screening! Gutted.. Didn’t even get a chance 😮 But i’m sure if it’s meant to be then i’ll end up working for them at another point perhaps on a different program..

It didn’t take me long to realize that not getting through to Disney again was actually a really great thing. Now I have a reason to do something else! It’s the last year I can and now I get to try something completely random.

Work America

Bunac! I’ve been looking into this company for years and now that they’ve been bought by STA Travel it feels even easier to choose going with them 😛

So.. Work America is a program that involves you paying a fee of just under £400 and getting access to an online job shop. You choose the job and apply for whateverrrrrrr you want in the States! Or you can just grab a Visa with help from Bunac and look for a job when you get over there!

I’m so excited to do this program because it’s so spontaneous and I could end up working anywhere. Plus the group flight that you take to get to know everyone else doing the program, lands you in New York.

So it looks like i’m going to be flying to New York next year, staying there for a few days then making my way to wherever it may be to start a new job 😛

What to do now..

So it’s really hard to concentrate again at Uni now. I have the exact same feeling that I had in my 1st year when I found out I was off to work in Florida. It really stops you from getting on with Uni work cos it’s just so damn exciting!

So the program has opened already and i’m free to put £100 down to start looking for jobs already! I’m really tempted to because I have the money sitting in my money box but I really don’t wanna distract myself even more from Uni by job hunting! Cos I know I’ll be checking it constantly..

I’m going to go to the presentation Bunac are doing about the program in November and it’s a day before I fly to Las Vegas! So when I get back i’ll be all buzzing to apply after being in America for 8 days 😛

My future

It’s so weird to think that my life is going to change completely next year!

  • I won’t be a student anymore
  • I won’t have a house anymore
  • I’ll live in America
  • I’ll be without my boyfriend for 4 months
And when I come back..
  • I’ll be heading into full time work
  • I won’t live in Yorkshire anymore!
And that’s another thing that’s changing.. Me and Stu have decided to separate until we can be together..
What I mean by that is.. We’re getting rid of the house because once I graduate we have nothing to be here for anymore. Stu is going to move down to Worcester and concentrate on his music. That’s when i’ll be in America.
When I get back he’ll be in Worcester and i’ll be in Leeds but job hunting for a position that suits me anywhere in the country. (If I can really get my head down i’m gunna try secure a graduate scheme for next September)
We’ve decided we can’t be together until we’re ready. We’re not gunna see other people but we’re also barely going to see each other. The ideal would be for him to get a full time position in Worcester that he’s happy with and then he could get a house I could live in too and I’d job hunt from there. But… things don’t always go to plan so I guess we can’t be settled together until the stupid recession disappears and we both get full time jobs 😛
We’ll see what happens though!
There’s a little taster of my journey for next year. And although it’s quite far away at the moment, if I don’t organize it now then it won’t happen. 
So, really excited to go here again..

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