I just read…Are we nearly there yet? By Ben Hatch

I enjoyed reading this book from the moment I picked it up.

Ben Hatch’s style of writing is so easy to follow and entertaining to read that it makes you feel like you are taking the trip with him! In fact I enjoyed being on his journey so much that I have already ordered the follow up to this novel!

This book follows a family all around the UK as they drive up and down the country writing a guidebook for Frommer’s (A travel guidebook series). Ben, his wife Dinah and two children set off from their home on an 8000 mile trip around Britain.

Staying at different hotels every night and visiting various tourist attractions every day, the family get into a series of mishaps along the way which see you put through every emotion as you read!

This book is great if you are like me – trying to explore more of Britain. It gives you inspiration on where to visit but also the perks and not-so perky parts of being on the road all the time.

I highly recommend this book for not only it’s recommendations and insight into the English tourism industry but also because of it’s fantastic humour that Ben Hatch has managed to create.

It sounded like quite an adventure and whilst not intentional by the author – It certainly made me appreciate how easy it is for me to travel everywhere without children! I’m definitely making the most of that whilst I still can!



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