Visiting the National Centre for Birds of Prey

Located in Helmsley, North Yorkshire you’ll find a great little spot for bird enthusiasts.

The National Centre for Birds of Prey is home to a variety of birds including owls, vultures and hawks to name but a few.

There are cages for a lot of the birds but you can also see the birds out in the open too which enables you to get a little closer and admire the beauty of these creatures.

At first I thought it would be quite a small place but if you really want to see all the birds you can spend a good 2 hours here!

One thing I really enjoyed was the quirky signage all over the place! Really made me chuckle.

We stayed to watch the bird show that takes place twice a day in winter. Here the trainers came out with one bird at a time and had them fly around whilst talking about the birds. I’ve seen quite a few of these educational shows whilst travelling. This one was pretty good for England. Good to see the birds doing what they do best aswell.

My favourite of course is the iconic Eagle with its creepy glare. Such beautiful birds.

So if you’re local pop by for a visit and educate yourself on some of Earth’s greatest creatures!


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