Hiking Kapuzinerberg

I had just arrived in Salzburg for my first ever visit and after checking in to Yoho International Hostel I wasn’t sure how to spend the rest of my evening. The sky was overcast so there was occasional rain but not bad enough to keep me inside.

So I asked the hostel for recommendations and got directed to a place I’d never heard of – Kapuzinerberg.

No doubt you’ve never heard of it either so here is a map of the area in relation to Salzburg:

I didn’t have a plan of action or even any general direction, I figured I’d just walk and see what happens.

Wandering the city of Salzburg is beautiful in itself and as I admired the streets I slowly began to head upwards. Eventually after climbing some steps and hills you will get to a beautiful viewpoint to the city.

This is where the hike begins!

I began to walk the path that leads to a statue of Mozart, definitely the most famous figure to come out of Salzburg.

At this point you can choose which path you wish to take from many. If I remember correctly I went left I believe. I followed the path and continued climbing until a break in the trees had me presented with a beautiful view of Hohensalzburg Fortress!

I was really wowed by this as it was the first time I’d seen the castle and it was from height aswell so even more impressive! Not only that but I could see the top of Mount Untersberg the tallest mountain in Salzburg. I was absolutely amazed at the height of this. Possibly the tallest mountain I’ve ever seen in my life!

I continued upwards and finally reached a viewpoint looking out in the opposite direction. I wasn’t expecting any of this as I had no idea what would face me on the hike so everything was a nice surprise.

I then headed in a different direction through the woods following a wall that looked very old and like it was part of a castle or city walls. I’m not quite sure what it did belong to but I enjoyed hiking along it.

I loved being out in the woods alone in Austria. It was my first hike of the trip and I absolutely love being out in nature.

As I continued following the wall I came across an Austrian man who started speaking to me because I was wearing shorts he thought I might be cold. I said I’m used to worse being from England. He then told me how this is one of the nicest hikes in Austria and one of his favourite places.

I can see why people visit as its so quiet and peaceful. Not very well known with tourists at all so a nice hidden gem.

After walking downhill for quite some time I eventually reached the rest of the wall that had me turn right to carry on following it. As I was walking I caught a glimpse of the castle and knew if I could only climb the wall i’d be able to get a beautiful view and photo of it. As it turns out I’m just not cut out for climbing trees or walls so I got on my tip toes and took this photo by stretching my arms up as high as possible!

Well spotted even if I do say so myself.

Continuing on the trek there was more chances to see the castle, more walking through the woods and even a little stream running through.

There are a lot of hikes throughout England and I’m lucky to live in Yorkshire which is home to many. But there is just something about being alone hiking in the hills of Austria.

So if you ever find yourself in Salzburg. Don’t do nothing like my jumper suggests, get yourself out there!



  1. Such a nice viewing point! I actually planned to go up Kapuzinerberg, I just wonder how it would be like in December. 🙂 I’ve read that they have a nice restaurant on that hill, too.


    • I’d definitely recommend it even in December. It might be cold and possibly snowy but there are paths and even some steps made from stones in some parts! I didn’t come across a restaurant however but i’m sure there are probably many many routes!

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