Little girl, big city

I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a girly girl at all but when it comes to your typical chick flicks I do have a few guilty pleasures, particularly TV series!

So naturally, i’m a major fan of Sex & The City! It’s one of my favourites and I wish it was still all over our TV screens but unfortunately not 😦

Whilst the movie has actually inspired me to visit Morocco (Funnily enough it was filmed here and not Saudi Arabia where it is meant to be set) Of course it’s actually more of an influence for visiting New York.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit NYC four times already both winter and summer so i’ve been able to see the contrast between the seasons. What a beautiful place it is with so much to do! If you’re a big movie and TV buff you’ll no doubt notice it is the setting for so many things. Sex & The City is filmed all over the place and so I decided to explore these places when over there.

Let’s start with the iconic moment that Miranda forgave Steve in the first movie.. They reunited on Brooklyn bridge for this. Highly recommend walking the length of it for widespread views of Lower Manhattan.

Hop on the Staten Island ferry just like in the episode “Where there’s smoke…” and venture to Staten Island. I’m not sure you’ll find any parties like they did but hey the ferry is free and a good way to get a better view of the Statue of Liberty!

New York Public Library.. The heartbreaking wedding scene 😫 A beautiful place to visit even if you’re not a fan of the show. It’s hard not to think of that scene when you walk by, gets me every time!


Of course you’ll want to visit one of the most important places in the series – Carrie’s apartment. You can find it at 66 Perry Street and Bleecker Street, Manhattan. Crazy to think somebody actually lives here.. I wouldn’t like to have people taking pictures of my home every day!


Of course there are many more filming locations. In fact you can even do Sex and the City tours now. I found it more fun just to wander around the street and recognise things whilst there just like I do with every city.

The same goes for LA. If you get a chance to visit Beverly Hills head on over to Rodeo Drive where you can re enact Pretty Woman or perhaps catch a glimpse of a celebrity. If you’re anything like me financially, I can guarantee you won’t be shopping in this area but they might!



  1. Loved reading this, I adore everything travel and just love sitting and reading other people’s posts about where they’ve been cause 9 times out of 10 it makes me wanna add that place onto my bucket list if it isn’t on there already 😍 check out my blog if you like, I love to talk about travel and the places I’ve been, would love for us to support each other in growing as travel bloggers 🤗❣️ xx


    • Thank you I will take a look! I get most of my inspiration and ideas for places to go by reading others blogs!


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