Catching the travel bug… Again.

Who knew a mini trip across the pond to Ireland for the day would get me feeling like this!

It was really nice to get away on a mini break and explore a city I don’t know too well. We went on a walking tour which had me surrounded by people from all over the world and I must admit, the travel bug has got me again!

I absolutely love meeting new people and whilst we’re already over halfway in to the year, I’ve only actually taken two trips this year. The first trip to Gran Canaria in January I met a few people but it wasn’t as lively as i’d have hoped. Then I took a holiday to Salou in May with friends where I had an amazing time but it wasn’t my usual solo hostel stay so as expected, no new friends there as such either!

I’m getting itchy feet but luckily I have a lot to look forward to in August. I can’t wait to grab my backpack again and hit the road. It feels like it’s been a long time, probably because it has! 2016 is the last time I truly travelled solo and 2 years later i’m feeling nostalgic.

It has me thinking about all aspects of my life and what I really want. I absolutely do love to travel but at the same time I also love living in England. Perhaps it is time to travel more of England?

Over the next few weeks I have a few more things to blog about, especially with all the trips I have coming up! But I want to start thinking about my future plans, the places I want to visit and the opportunities I might not want to let slip away!

Do you ever get stung by the travel bug?

How do you shake this feeling of never really knowing where you want to be in life?


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