Lights, camera… TRAVEL

Today I came across an article about top film locations in Europe. Luckily for me, two of the destinations mentioned happen to not only be on my Bucketlist but actually within my grasp! Next month I’ll be visiting Salzburg, home to my guilty pleasure / favourite musical of all time The Sound of Music.

Quite the opposite genre but a pleasure all the same I’ll also be visiting Dubrovnik where most of Game of Thrones was filmed. I cannot wait to venture to these destinations in August and excited is definitely an understatement!

So it got me thinking about all the times I’ve found myself feeling like I’ve walked in to my favourite TV show or a scene from a movie. In general I am a big movie buff and TV boxset binger! So sometimes I’ve deliberately gone out of my way to visit a movie set but more often than not I’ve found myself wondering why something looks so familiar and then it’s clicked…

Sometimes a movie has actually inspired me to visit a place I wouldn’t have wanted to go otherwise and this is great for boosting the travel and tourism industry. So for the next few days I’ll be writing some features for you TV addicts and perhaps you’ll feel inspired to plan your next adventure too!


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